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30Aug 17
How To Estimate The Size Of A Project

How to Estimate the Size of a Project

When asked how to size any project, project executives often use the Potter Stewart standard – “I know it when I see it.” Project managers and sponsors, especially the seasoned…

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30Aug 17
Kaizen: The Challenge Of Continuous Improvement

Kaizen: The Challenge of Continuous Improvement

Within the overlapping spheres of Total Quality Management and Lean Manufacturing, one Japanese word continues to raise consciousness among quality professionals of Western orientations: “Kaizen.” The concept of Kaizen, which…

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19Feb 17
6 Scrum Principles To Live By

6 Scrum Principles to Live By

Now more than ever, we see many software companies adopting the Agile orientation of project management. And while there are many frameworks subsumed under the Agile banner, only one seems…

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