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Category: General Enterprise Architectural Design (Intro to TOGAF 9.1)

Enterprise Architectural Design (Intro to TOGAF 9.1)

May 4, 2017 May 5, 2017

May 4-5, 2017

Enterprise Architecture (EA) defines the current capabilities of an organization. Without Enterprise Architecture, an organization employs change in a trial-and-error mode. This is a two-day course covering essential aspects of Enterprise Architecture, outlines the enterprise architecture roadmap, presents how to design the four domain architectures, namely: Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Application Architecture, and Technology Architecture. This course shall present the relationships and dependencies of each of the four domain architectures and will also explain how enterprise architecture encapsulates system architecture. Prior to selecting domain specific system architecture, it is required to pass through this course to put the right context of architecture and prevent misalignment when integrating architectures.

This course will provide an overview about Enterprise Architecture, which has the following benefits and value:

•You will get an extensive overview about Enterprise Architecture from the business and technology perspective and how it supports the business strategy and finally ensures the success of your organization.

•You will know the composition of Enterprise Architecture, thereby preventing you from designing layers of architecture in silos. •You avoid expensive and wasteful ad hoc system architecture investments.

•You reduce the risk of failure.

Training Objectives

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

1. Create a model of the current enterprise architecture.

2.Explain the importance of having a cohesive Enterprise Architecture framework and technology perspectives.

3. Perform enterprise architecture maturity assessment.


I. The Business Rationale for Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF

II. The TOGAF Architecture Development Method and its deliverables, including Business, Data, Applications and Technology Architecture

III. The Enterprise Continuum

IV. Enterprise Architecture Governance

V. Architecture Principles and their Development

VI. Architecture Views and Viewpoints

VII. An Introduction to Building Blocks

VIII. Architecture Partitioning

IX. Content Frameworkand Meta Model

X. Capability Based Planning

XI. Business Transformation Readiness

XII. Architecture Repository

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Training Cost: Php16,661.12/pax (inclusive of VAT, AM/PM snacks, Lunch, Training Materials, and Certificate of Completion)

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