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Solution Assessment And Validation

Solution Assessment And Validation

This course presents the building blocks of assessing solutions both for process improvement and IT-enabled solutions. This course is designed in two parts, i.e., assessing business value of a solution based on monetary returns and assessing the effectiveness of a software/system solution.

The first part of the course covers quantifying success of a solution into monetary terms. It shall include the savings declaration of projects and the measuring techniques to quantify improvement value. This is suitable for organizations who run kaizen, reengineering, software development, lean or six sigma projects.

The second part of the course discusses the processes and deliverables of user testing. As business analyst, one of the primary responsibilities is to aid the customers in their acceptance testing prior to system/software acceptance or sign-off.

Training Objectives

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

1. Describe Cost of Poor Quality Calculation Techniques and Activity-based Costing/Management.

2. Identify tangible and intangible benefits of solutions.

3. Draft acceptance test plan.

4. Draft test cases based on functional and non-functional requirements.

5. Design test cases including test scenarios and expected results.

6. Use IEEE Std 829 in writing acceptance test plans.


Part 1

I. Rationale in Measuring Solution Effectiveness

II. Techniques in Measuring Solutions

III. Activity-Based Costing/Management (ABC/M)

IV. Cost of Poor Quality Techniques

Part 2

I. Structured Testing

a) The Test Processes

b) Inputs  Acceptance Test Planning

c) Roles in Software Acceptance Testing

d) Levels of Testing

e) Testing Types

II. Test Design

a) Test Case

b) Fundamental Testing Strategies

c) Deriving Test Cases from Use Cases

d) Deriving Test Cases for Performance Tests

e) Deriving Test Cases for Security/Access Tests

f) Deriving Test Cases for Product Acceptance Test

III. Test Case Design Approaches/Techniques

a) Validation Methods

b) Equivalence Partitioning

c) Boundary Value (BV) Analysis

IV. Test Reporting

Download Course Outline

Training Cost: Php16,661.12/pax (inclusive of VAT, AM/PM snacks, Lunch, Training Materials, and Certificate of Completion)

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