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Monthly Training Calendar

October 26, 2017

Methods in Solutions Analysis and Design

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3rd and 4th Quarter Training Calendar (by Program)


Date Course Cost per pax
August 10-11 Structured Software Testing Php 16,661.12
August 17-18 Agile Software Testing Php 16,661.12
August 31-September 1 Software Test Management and Test Process Improvements Php 16,661.12
September 14-15 Software Quality Models/Standards and Software Quality Assurance Php 16,661.12
TBD Test Automation Using Selenium Php 20,000.00
December 13-14 Software Quality Audits Php 16,661.12
TBD Unit Testing with JUnit Php 20,000.00
TBD Unit Testing with NUnit Php 20,000.00
TBD Behavior Driven Development Using Cucumber Php 20,000.00


Business Analysis

Date Course Cost per pax
October 3-4 Enterprise Analysis and Domain Modeling Php 16,661.12
October 10-11 Documenting and Managing Requirements Php 16,661.12
October 19-20 Elicitation Techniques Php 16,661.12
October 26-27 Methods in Solutions Analysis and Design Php 16,661.12
November 7-8 Enterprise Architectural Design Php 16,661.12
November 16-17 Performance Metrics in Business Analysis Php 16,661.12
November 28-29 (tentative) Solution Assessment and Validation Php 16,661.12
December 5-6 Agile Methods in Solutions Development Php 16,661.12


Business Process

Date Course Cost per pax
August 16 Root Cause Analysis and Risk Management Techniques Php 8,500.00
August 22-23 Systematic Problem Solving Php 16,661.12
August 29-30 Using Quality Tools Php 16,661.12
September 5-6 Policy Development and Management Php 16,661.12
September 12 Documenting Business Rules Php 8,500.00
September 13 CBPS Review + Mock Exam Php 8,500.00
October 5 CBPS Certification Exam Php 17,000.00