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Enterprise Engagement We are with you in driving excellence across the organization. Conceptualizing with the strategic level during planning, institutionalizing with the tactical managers, and working with the operations’ engineers.
Resource Engagement DigiLEAF provides outsourcing and body shop solutions to address your needs. We flexibly work with you to meet the required resources of your organization.
A Design of Experiments The latest services that DigiLEAF provides to our partners. Execute the different learning programs into measurable outputs. We work with you to inculcate metrics and measurements that would sustain your improvement models.
Environmental Scanning Apply the processes of systematic information acquisition and mapping to effectively attain, improve, and sustain competitive intelligence.
Competence Mapping Continuously improves your I.T. human resource assets. Assure that the necessary skills and competencies match the roles defined.
Process Outsourcing Let us share the quality definition of your organization. We accept the task of meeting your quality control and assurance.
Knowledge Management Realization Define the tacit information that the organization works with and transform to explicit knowledge artifacts that you can rely on.



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