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Public Engagement Associate with different fellows from diverse organizations, work on a common ground and conclude solutions with value.
Corporate Engagement Customize your training program to address enterprise specific objectives. DigiLEAF works with you to initiate, deploy, measure, and improve your knowledge capital.
Boot Camp (Academe) Bridging industry demand with academic capacity, DigiLEAF provides as in depth knowledge transfer and industry practices for graduating students. Objectively preparing students to meet corporate requirements, gain the confidence to deliver “expected” quality solutions.

Value of Partnership with DigiLEAF

Upon completion of various learning programs and hand-holding through mentoring and coaching, an individual shall obtain a holistic understanding of quality-centric frameworks and build a custom-fit roadmap that will synergize to the organization’s strategic goals. This will carry further in the formation of understanding towards tools and techniques for metrics building, problem-solving, and be ideating for innovation.