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The engagement involves a carefully planned combination of training and consultancy services. Training provides the knowledge and skill transfer which is essential for long-term success.

Consultancy provides the expert knowledge to advise, review and improve so that the outputs developed are comprehensive and integrated into a cohesive system that will operate to the benefits of the client and complaint with the selected quality standards.

Increased competency levels are needed to meet job requirements. The services outlined below shall be provided for professional development. The activities in each of the services may be in parallel with each other to ensure seamless integration and achieve a desired and cohesive output.

Details of Engagement

Competence Calibration
Service Description Deliverable
Role Assessment Associate with different fellows from diverse organizations, work on a common ground and conclude solutions with value. Role Map Assessment Report
Competence Assessment Determine the current competencies of each employee.Analyze the gap between the employee’s competencies with that of the requirements needed for the job.Determine strong and weak points.Identify issues and areas requiring immediate attention or more focus. Competence Assessment Report Gap Analysis Report
Role Map Review Review applicability of roles within changing processes. Role Map Review Results


Career Planning
Service Description Deliverable
Career Path Design Establish a clear career roadmap for each role by having a well-defined career path. Career Path Per Role



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