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We provide Enterprise Architecture (EA) consultancy services whose outputs often are used to optimize fragmented processes into an integrated environment that is responsive to change and supportive of the business strategy delivery.

DigiLEAF’s EA services provide organizations applicable methodologies for writing things down (develop blueprints), show the impact of “moving a wall” (complexity and change), provide the plan on how to “move the wall” (change management), and help how to retain employee knowledge (becomes knowledgebase of enterprise).

Here is our list of our EA consultancy services. The activities in each of the services may be in parallel with one another to ensure seamless integration with existing practices and achieve your desired target state.

  • Auditing Business Processes
  • Improving Business Processes Using Lean/Six Sigma
  • Establishing Enterprise Architecture
  • Designing Data Architecture
  • Definition of Software Test Automation Framework
  • Improving Software Test Processes
  • Establishing/Improving Project Management Processes
  • Establishing/Improving Business Analysis Processes
  • Analyzing Training Needs
  • Designing Competency Development Programs
  • Designing Career Paths
  • Mentoring/Coaching