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DigiLEAF is a professional services organisation committed to delivering quality capability development programs and advisory services, leveraging the use cutting-edge technologies, international standards, methodologies, and best practices in Quality Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis, Portfolio, Program, Project Management, and Digital Transformation.


Our Mission

To enable organisations achieve excellence through the development of its human resources and leveraging the use of technology in business.

Our Values

leaf-photos-LLong-Term Valued Partnership

We at DigiLEAF position ourselves more than a training institution, but rather a pool of expert practitioners who live by what we teach, carrying our ability to bring the theories and logic into practical application across organisation regardless of their distinctive nature. We pride ourselves with our portfolio of clients whom we have partnered with through the years in leveraging the maturity of their quality practices, deployment of quality governance, and most importantly, closing continuous improvement projects which already resulted in significant monetary saves and intangible benefits — further testifying that we go beyond the boundaries of a classroom—we WALK the TALK, we mean it and we don’t leave them behind.

leaf-photos-EEnthusiasm to Serve

We don’t live and breathe with intelligence alone. We couple it with our passion for serving and our firm desire for going the extra mile of partnering with our clients in addressing their pain points and bringing forth our best ability to provide remedial actions or innovation to get ahead of the game. We do not play around with rhetorical plans; we teach and show how to do it. We have been recognized by our clients as having that coherent and organized approach in meshing the theories with practical ways and means of bringing it to the service floor, plus our brave nature of going beyond the conventional way of doing it…thus, providing our clients that WOW experience.

leaf-photos-AAgile to Act

Being honed by strong industry experience and not by books alone, our experts at DigiLEAFgained that capability to provide quick yet supple action to diverse scenarios our clients are facing, may it be a green field deployment of quality practice, reengineering, incremental continuous improvement or, execution of raising-the-bar innovative projects. With factual information, we are quick to identify ways to analyze; with a good picture of the organization’s status quo, we are swift to provide the next strategic steps. True enough that there are things easier said than done, and we understand it because we’ve been there. This ensures practicality of our expertise; we may not have the magic wand to change things, but we have the robust structure to move forward.

leaf-photos-FFlexibility to meet the Voice of the Customer

We hear you. It is in our nature to be versatile and customize our service in accordance with the need of our clients and at the same time, keeping our discerning mind intact to guide them on what can and cannot be done; and what can be better. We do consultations to listen and to be understood, not to intimidate. When faced with out-of-control situations, we aid in providing re-routes. When root causes depend on external factors, we swerve and see beyond on what we did or did not do thus making it actionable from our end. We provide what-if’s to scenarios that appear to be a dead end. We see light out of a flickering bulb. This is the reason why our clients shook our hands…and they STAYED.